Honey Chilli Potato

You must have had the mouth watering honey chilly potato in many restaurants or on street stalls, Guess What???? You can make it at home..  Yes, its true just in some very easy steps you can enjoy the very delicious street snack at home.




Potato                                                                                  2 big


Honey                                                                                 5 -6 sp full

Corn Starch/ Corn flour                                                 3-4 sp

Oil to fry

Whole Red Chilly                                                              2 no.

White seasame seeds                                                       1 ½ tsp

Garlic                                                                                  2 no.

Red chilly powder                                                            1 tsp

Soya sauce                                                                         1 big sp.

Red chilly sauce                                                                1 tsp

Vinegar                                                                               2 big sp.


Salt to taste

Spring onions to garnish



Lets Go……


Take potatoes and peel them and cut in fries shape and immediately put in a bowl with water. Let them rest in water for about an hour.

Keep oil on gas on to get hot for deep frying.

Now towel dry the fries and put them in a dry bowl and add red chilli sauce to it mix well. Now add salt and corn starch to it and coat the potatoes fries very well. Every piece should be well coated if you need to add more corn starch then add.

We will double fry the fries means we will fry them twice which will make them more crispy.

Half fry some potatoes fries for about 1 – 2 minutes on low flame and then put them on napkin paper. Do not fry too many pieces at once they should get good space to fry. You can fry the remaining fries now for about 1 – 2 minutes on low flame and then put them on napkin paper.  Now again add the first batch fries to oil again and fry for some time and then will fry the second batch again.

In the meanwhile take a pan and heat it add about 2tsp. oil let it get hot then add red chillies and fry, when the change color add sesame seeds and let them splatter then add chopped garlic, red chilli powder, soya sauce, vinegar and salt and mix well. Then add honey to it and immediately put the fries to it and coat them well with the sauce and pour in serving plate and garnish with chopped spring onions and serve immediately.


Mind it must be served immediately otherwise it will loosen its crispiness.


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