As the name suggests that it is a rice dish and it comes from south India but widely made in all parts of India. It is just the same rice with some beautiful seasonings like mustard seeds, curry leaves, peanuts, green chilly, lemon juice and some other ingredients.

Lets begin with our delicious lemon rice recipe.



Rice                                                        1 cup.

Lemon Juice                                       2 tsp.

Mustard Seeds                                 2 tsp.

Dry Red Chillies                                 2 no.

Curry leaves                                       8 -10 no.

Finely chopped green chillies      1 tsp.

Turmeric Powder                             ½ tsp.

Cashews                                              2 SP.

Ghee                                                     2 sp.

Dry red chilly                                      2 no.

Salt to taste

A pinch asafetida


Lets begin….


Wash the rice thoroughly in 3 -4 water. I used 2 ½ cups water for a cup rice. Cook them either in microwave for 16 minutes or in pressure cooker for 7 – 8 minutes on medium flame.


Add 2 spoon ghee/oil to a pan and let it get hot. Add hing then kadhi patta , mustard seeds and dry red chili, let them crackle. Now add chopped green chili, peanuts, cashews, turmeric powder. Let the peanuts and cashews get good golden color. Switch of the flame add lemon juice to it and pour the tadka mixture in the already cooked rice and mi9x it very well so that each grain of rice is well coated with spices.


Cover it for 5 min so that all spices fragrances is absorbed by the rice. The rice will have great fragrance with taste


Serve it plain or with dal/ curd.

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