Sahi Tukda has originated during the Mughal reign. Fried bread when served with chilled Rabri taste great and garnished with dry fruits. If you are making rabri at home than its time taking. Its one of the most delicious desert that melts down in your mouth.
Traditionally bread slices are deep fried for this recipe but I will shallow fry it with 2 – 3 sppon butter/ Ghree. I came across this dish once when my father – Army men, was posted in J&K and for our vaccation we went there. In the officers mess we had it and since them then I became a fan of it.


For frying Bread :

6 Slices of bread
2-3 sp ghee

For Rabri :

1 Litre full fat milk
4-5 spoon sugar
2-3 Green Cardamoms
5-6 Saffron strands (Optional)

For Sugar Syrup :

1/5 cup water
1/5 cup Sugar
2 cardamoms

For Garnishing :

5-6 almonds sliced
4-5 Pistachios


Take a thick bottom pan and boil milk in it. Prepare it on medium heat. Stir often to avoid sticking to bottom.You should keep boilling the milk till the time 1 ltr milk reduces to 1/2 ltr. Remove the malai that form on top of the milk and mix it again in milk.

You must scrape the sides of the pan so that dried milk is againg mixed to boiling milk. Add half of the dry fruits now and keep half for garnishing at the end.

When you find the milk is thickened add sugar let it melt and mix in rabri. Switch off the flame. When the thickened milk will come to room temperature it will thicken more. Before serving refregerate it.

Meanwhile you can prepare the sugar syrup. Boil water and add sugar cardamom powder to it. Cook till you get thread like consistency of the syrup.Now fry the bread and when they change colour and become crispy add soak it in hot sugar syrup, coat the slices well with syrup.

Now place them in a serving dish or tray. Pour the rabri over it and garnish with dry fruits.

Serve it immediately.

Happy Cooking Folks.

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