A very simple recipe of double baked potatoes and stuffing completely depends on your choice. Whatever vegitable you like use it here.



Potatoes                                                                 2

Onion finely chopped                                      2 sp.

Carrot finely chopped                                      2 sp.

Egg                                                                      1

Mozrella cheese(grated)                                2 sp.

Chopped coriander leaves                             1 tsp.

Chopped lettuce(optional)                            1 tsp.

Chopped green chillies                                   2

Salt to taste( use less as our cheese is already very salty)

Chaat masala                                                     ½ tsp.

Butter                                                                   2 tsp.




Step 1 : Wash and half bake potatoes for 4 minutes in microwave and do not peel its outer cover. Simultaneously you take a mixing bowl add egg and beat the egg very well now add all ingredients listed above to it and very well.

Step 2 : Take a knife and cut the half baked potatoes into two parts. Scrape the potatoes in the center and make space to fill the stuffing prepared as soon in the picture.

Step 3 : Fill the mixture in the potatoes.


Step 4 : Keep the potatoes in microwave tray drizzle some butter/ ghee and bake for 5 minutes.

Serve hot topped with mayonise.


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