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Everbody enjoys anything which is homemade and when talking about homemade truffles, you cannot wish anything else just enjoy them. It’s a no cook and no bake recipe.  It’s a recipe my maternal grandmother (Nani) use to make for us  whenever we visited her in holidays.


S. No. Ingredients Quantity
1 Dark chocolate 30 gm
2 Dairy milk silk 70 gm
3 White chocolate 100 gm
4 Sugar cookies 500 gm
5 Cream cheese 2 tbsp
6 Mixed dry fruits 2 tbsp
7 Chocolate chips 1 tsp
8 Desicated coconut 3 tbsp



Step 1 : In a food processor or blender take all your sugar cookies and process them until the resembles cookie crumble.

Step 2 : Add cream cheese and process again to mix really well.

Step 3 : Add dry fruits roughly chopped along with some chocolate chips and desiccated coconut. Process it a bit just to mix all.

Step 4 : Transfer to a plate or bowl and start making small ball of the mixture by rolling it in between your hands. Keep them in deep fridge for 20 minutes to set.


Step 5 :   In the meanwhile we will melt the chocolate. Take some water in a large bowl and switch on the flame and let the water simmer. Now break white chocolate in a small bowl and keep it over simmering water and allow it to melt. When done take another bowl and break in the dairy milk silk and dark chocolate and let them melt and mix.


Step 6 : Take the cookie ball out from the deep fridge. Now roll some balls in dark chocolate and roll others in white chocolate and keep them in tray but do not let the truffle ball touch each other. Top them with some colorful sprinkles. Keep it to set in fridge for minimum an hour.                                                                                                                                                                                

I have prepared a serving tray to serve by sprinkling some coco powder on half side of the tray and powder sugar on the other. When the truffle is set you are ready to go and have a bite and enjoy these beautiful truffle balls.






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