About Me

Hello People…
Welcome to my website – rktoppings.com. Thank you for taking out some time and stopping by my site.
rktoppings.com is a food website based in Chandigarh – one of the most beautiful and well planned place in India. Through this website I will share food adventures of my Kitchen. I have been grown in a environment surrounded with such beautiful and mouth watering recipes and I will love to share my experiences with you.

Here, I have added all sorts of things – from healthy recipes to comfort food and indulgent desserts. I like to create and share recipes that are fresh, seasonal, mostly simple, often healthy, comfort food. I cook as seasonally as I can and use local ingredients. Chocolates and street foods are my love, I can consume them anytime if my Tummy says Yes. And yes Cheese is the thing I have recently fell in love with, I hated it during my teenage.
I love being with new recipes in my Kitchen and sharing them as well.

I am sure you will enjoy being here on my site with me.

Enough about me I would be glad to here about you. You may also share your experiences or recipes with me @ rekhakutharib@gmail.com.