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Main Course Vegitarian

Green Gram Daal Dosa.

A very healthy and nutritious dosa. With its high fiber and nutrient content it offers a number of health benefits. Ingrediants Green Gram dal                                1 cup Salt to taste Ginger                                                1 small …

Main Course Vegitarian

Bangan ka bharta

A South Asian dish but has many fans all around the world. It a very simple yet delicious dish made with smoky eggplant having a beautiful blend of spices. It’s a must try recipe. If you like eggplant then you gonna love this recipe. Ingredients Bangan(eggplant) 2 medium size Onion 2 medium Tomato 1 ½ …

Main Course Vegitarian


Poha is a very basic quick and easy recipe from Maharastra. Its widely made all over India with many variations. You can enjoy it asa breakfast or brunch or even as a snack. Its nutritious. You can also add boiled vegitables of your choice in it. Ingrediants: Poha(flattened rice) 1 cup Oil 2 tsp Onion …